Your support contribution marginWe help you for cheering on the theme 1人1人 dream, Japan will further develop

To be over 10 million yen on the Bank of Japan

Long term care insurance is much stronger and the Bank of Japan more than 10 million, talking the other day with a friend of my mother?

Future mandatory if myNumber is Bank account how much will become transparent

It would seems to be reduced depending on the deposit is the amount of the pension.
I hate to be reduced because of Tiger Cub for the old age pension is

You'd want to keep 10 million following the Bank of Japan will do.
Yukichi's study might therefore

Increase while preserving the precious money we so glad

Such talk 9/23 holidays??Inform now!.
Yukichi's student job you want at the same time are also looking for fun while increasing the money of others to be rich too.
Impossible to this day. people involved individually depending on the consultation.