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Delicious breakfast

Today gold bacteria up cafe Ribon's staff meeting
Everyone I and mediocrity in your rim is a fellow who specialize in pleasing the world thank you

Today's lunch is Potluck Party
Seiko-Chan is a fish?Be sociable go-getter??

People will gather in the Ribbon is full of people who like delicious food
So we will carry out regular delicious rice cinema

The first 9/1 Sunday
Held wake to eat delicious rice film from island!.?
12/2 Sunday 2nd
We continue to work to eat delicious, politely, smile more, I'm going to

0901 July film "delicious food" Mie Prefecture Tsu city screening.

Delicious Rice movie
-Date & time: September 01 Day (Saturday)
, Opening hours: 1st screening 10:30(Doors open 09:30)- 12:00
2Eye screening 15:00(Doors open at 14:30)- 16:30
Social share Ranch meeting 12:00-14:00

-Name: Gold bacteria up cafe Ribon
Akinaga-Cho, Suzuka-Shi 658

Price: adults: Adv. 1800 yen on the day: 2000 yen
Junior high school students and under advance 1000 yen door ¥ 1,200
Lunch reception fee ¥ 4,000

Application form below, thank you

Cancellation policy
If you opt out day will be 100%
Satisfies on-cancel 3 days prior to be convenient for the procurement of materials for 50% non-refundable

-Contact: Kim bacteria up cafe Ribon
510-0258 Mie Suzuka akinaga town 658
Contact Kitaoka Keiko 09083214935

At Suzuka-Shi, Mie Café named "gold fungus upcafe Ribon" has continued to be our
Let's age age life money or bacteria in the intestines and the money of up to
And in the "Ribbon" will curb the "reborn" to play Let's
Shop where you will find daily workshops and lunch with that concept is daily open well
E.g. shop please check here
Night Café do active-duty nurse.
Come visit us and

Delicious Rice I believe is rice the bacteria in the intestines
Made in the shop using fermented foods and pesticide-free vegetables without seasoning, magnetic-field-controlled daily served.

People are making me lunch is different people every day.
By utilizing a chef one day shop

9Just saw the movie in the film society on Saturday January 1, we would like to hold market share social sustained.

1People watching movies, just go
1People to participate in Ranch share of movie to
Those who participated from the ranch share, see the two-part movie
2Those who see only part of movies

At the meeting will be held in 4 patterns
Lunch social is that housewives have confidence in arms came to the cafe of a chef.

Caf Green?The Ryoko Tanaka
Mr. Hotta kanako
Senna's Matsuyama
Ushio Junko

That legend now have gone to Kyoto "stone toys I ' also could compete just for linking to special. Stone-CHAN's rice ball is round ' Japanese musubi "that is rice balls that are pleasing to many people with the name

People tell the importance of food fits a nice toasted rice stuck in water and salt to the rice to eat with the producers, and to keep better society connected with each other and the people who make the food we