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一般社団法人 日本お金道協会とは

Don't worry?

○ and savings interest rates a little frustration is also
○ financial instruments, many difficult, and put out his hand
○ somehow fear the future, should this savings?
○ up luck, like savings and Wham
○ money to other people not hear listen to a once Pro


This way is recommended

-How to change the flow of your money
• You want to save money but does not collect those
And those with fears and worries that future money
• Those interested in money
And anyone who believes many down payment for the home, you want to reduce the loan
And anyone who wants to pay off mortgage
• Those that deposit regular savings bank and post office even if interest rates are low
And who had reduced the important savings and investment fraud so far
• Those insured children's Education Fund
-Better inheritance problem
And who are interested in the international story of Yukichi
And who wants to know about bitcoin

Introduction of the book

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